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Blankets before and after packed

We made 30 blankets to take to the orphanage in Africa. After my mom took care of them, they are going to take up a lot less space in our suit cases


So exciting now that we are starting to pack things that we are taking to the orphanage!

Today my mom and I were putting Christmas stuff away, and while we were doing it I was just thinking that it’s ONLY 5 DAYS UNTIL WE GO TO AFRICA!!! I can’t believe it! I am seriously about to cry I’m so excited. The things I’m excited for is seeing the little kids, and their smiling faces. I just want to meet Jamari and see his personality and see how he reacts to us. I want to see the kids faces as they get their sock monkeys and blankets and SWING SET(S)! Just getting ¬†to Africa is just sooooo exciting. It’s been a long journey but it’s finally here! Even ¬†thought it’s 22 hours on a plane and 17 hours in an airport its all worth it. I’m just hoping it goes by fast.

I was so excited (okay sorry I’ve said “excited” a lot, Im just so excited!) when we started packing gifts for the little kids and my own clothes and items to go. I’m just scared I’m going to forget something, but that always happens to me even if I’m just going to Calgary.

Now I’m sitting here writing this while my mom’s telling me about scabies! Ugh now she’s freaking me out, and she made me itchy, haha. In Jamari’s new photos he looks way more healthy and he’s getting chubby! He’s finally smiling and it looks like he’s having fun hanging out with the older boys. His little face and EYES just melt me every time I look at him. I’m so excited to go get him and I just can’t wait!

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