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I have achieved my goal to raise enough money for everything I need to make the trip (flight, shots, etc).  Plus, my original goal was to make enough extra that I could take some gifts over with us for the kids as well.  Thank you to the incredible generosity of so many people we are able to do that.  As you can see in my photos, we are taking many gifts with us, but I realized we are going to be able to do much more for these wonderful kids!

I am still working to raise more money.  While we are in Africa, we have someone that is going to take us shopping for the orphanage.  Depending on how much more I can raise will depend on what I can do for the orphanage, but my plan is to buy and along with my family, assemble a swing-set / play area at the orphanage.

It’s the incredible support from all of you that is making this possible.  We are going to make some children very happy!  Thank you to everyone for your help and support!

If you would like to support me in this cause, please click the “make a donation” button in the top right of this page.  Thank you!

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