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My Brother

We FINALLY got our referral! We are so excited! Our little boy will be two in January! He is healthy and beautiful.  

We are still waiting on a few things, but I can’t wait to go get him.

I’m so thankful for all of the support that I’ve had in raising money to go to Africa to get my brother.  

Thank you to everyone!


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Bottle Drive

This past Saturday I did a bottle drive in my town and it was a huge success! I made $350! I’d like to thank every one who donated bottles and what so many people have done for me! THANKS

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Getting Closer!!!

Hey guys, I’m really sorry I haven’t been posting any blogs. My life has been really hectic with a lot of things lately and I haven’t had the chance to blog. Our adoption just took a big turn! We switched adoption agencies and are now with “A Love Beyond Borders”. If we stayed with the same adoption agency that we were with than it probably would have taken us until next year. The agency that we’re with now the earliest we will get him is probably August. The reason is because they already have babies waiting! We are wanting to get a 14 months old baby or younger. We will probably get a picture of him within a month. I will post a picture of him as soon as our case passes court and he is legally ours. I need a big favor from any one who is reading this. “PLEASE GET PEOPLE TO LOOK AT MY BLOG”!!! I would love to get some more T-shirt or necklace orders.  We are closer than we thought we were from going to pick our little boy up and I need help! I only have $1,500 and I need $4,000!!! Please help me get to 4,000 before I go to Africa!

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Thank you to my uncle James and aunt Jody for the awesome gift and all of their support!
My baby brother is going to be blessed with a wonderful extended family as well.


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I had a super fun family week! We went to Calgary and stayed at the Sheraton Cavalier and it had awesome water slides! I definitely recommend you stay there! On Family Day we had a really good thing happen, my mom got an email saying we got to #11 on the referral list!!!! We are getting closer and closer! I’m so excited and I’ve raised $1,100!!!!!! Thank you guy’s sooo much! I’ve also made scrabble tile necklaces (I’ll post some photos) they are really cute! The prices are…

$5- for a tile.

$5- for a chain. There are think chains and thin chains.

$5- for a stand.



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So Excited!

I’ll say it again I AM SOOOOO EXCITED TO GER OUR LITTLE BROTHER!!! My friends and I are just dying to get him. We always talk about what it will be like when I get him or will he be chubby are skinny stuff like that. We are just sooo excited.

Two nights ago when we were doing family home evening one of the things we talked about was that we will be able to go to the temple and get sealed together as a forever family. I’m really looking forwards to that and how cool that will be. My little sister is always asking, “is our little brother coming tomorrow?” She still doesn’t quite get how long it’s going to take. We are still hoping and praying that we will get him wile my grandparents are still in Africa on their mission.

I’ve raised $650 and hoping before we go and pick up our little bro. that I will have enough money to go to Africa. I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH TO THE PEOPLE THAT HAVE HELPED ME SO FAR!

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Family’s in Africa

I was just reading a blog that my mom showed me and it really caught my attention and made me really excited to go to Africa. The blog is about a family adopting a six year old little girl from the same orphanage as us. Last Thursday they found out that their little girl was cleared for her visa and they were able to go pick her up.  They got on their plane that day. When they got to Kinshasa they went straight to the orphanage and got their little girl. There were tears of joy everywhere. They took their little girl to the place they were staying and just hung out with each other. I think her name is Princess because they keep calling her that. Then she says things she was glad she brought and things that she wished she brought. I’m going to be reading over that if I raise enough money to go. They went back to the orphanage to let Princess say goodbye to the workers and the kids there.  They shared some pictures of the orphanage and the kids there.  It wasn’t hard to pick out Princess in the pictures because she was SOOO happy.  You could tell that she was now with her Forever Family.

I hope that will be me and my little brother in a few months.

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Me, Myself and I

Check out my new tab “Me, Myself and I.”  I will update it as much as I can and I hope you read it too. It`s about my life.

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Lucky Number 13

Monday, January 2, 2012

Today we just got to number thirteen on the referral list we moved from fifteen to Thirteen!

In the adoption process you have to do a home study where a person comes and checks out your family and your home, this is to see if you would be a good family to adopt a child. When your home study is done you get put on the referral list with the orphanage, when you get to number one on the referral list you are next in line to get a little boy/girl.

We were number fifteen about a month ago now we are number thirteen.

This means since we have been on the referral list two lucky family’s have had children referred to them.

We are very excited to be moving up the list.

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