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Time Flies

WOW!! It has been seven months since we brought home my little brother Jamari here’s an update:)

-We had his 2nd birthday on January 22

-We officially changed his name to “Jamari Vincent Kasai Heggie”

-Jamari was able to travel to Hawaii with my parents

-He was able to meet my Great Grandma Tanner before she passed away

-He dunked it for the first time!!.. On a small hoop

-Went on water slides for the first time at medicine hat lodge

-Went camping at Waterton National Park

-Went to two parades

-Gave him dread locks (his hair is now an afro again)

-Got family photos!


He is one of the funniest kids around and is so caring for everyone. He’s not shy!! That’s for sure! Anyone he sees he’ll say “hi” to! Everyone adores him, he’s the centre of attention at any gathering.. I dont know if that’s a good thing, or a bad thing;) His favourite food is rice, I feel really bad for who ever has to clean our table when we’re done at a restaurant! RICE EVERYWHERE! My Brother and Sister love him so much and so do I! Im so thankful that he is in our family. His life has been changed forever. I always remember what it was like in Africa, and I am so grateful that he is home.

I will keep everyone updated on our wild adventures with our lil man; through tears, laughter, and joy!

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