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Bottle Drive

This past Saturday I did a bottle drive in my town and it was a huge success! I made $350! I’d like to thank every one who donated bottles and what so many people have done for me! THANKS

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Getting Closer!!!

Hey guys, I’m really sorry I haven’t been posting any blogs. My life has been really hectic with a lot of things lately and I haven’t had the chance to blog. Our adoption just took a big turn! We switched adoption agencies and are now with “A Love Beyond Borders”. If we stayed with the same adoption agency that we were with than it probably would have taken us until next year. The agency that we’re with now the earliest we will get him is probably August. The reason is because they already have babies waiting! We are wanting to get a 14 months old baby or younger. We will probably get a picture of him within a month. I will post a picture of him as soon as our case passes court and he is legally ours. I need a big favor from any one who is reading this. “PLEASE GET PEOPLE TO LOOK AT MY BLOG”!!! I would love to get some more T-shirt or necklace orders.  We are closer than we thought we were from going to pick our little boy up and I need help! I only have $1,500 and I need $4,000!!! Please help me get to 4,000 before I go to Africa!

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Thank you to my uncle James and aunt Jody for the awesome gift and all of their support!
My baby brother is going to be blessed with a wonderful extended family as well.


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